No more forgetting.

Jotbox is the perfect way to send yourself a note, idea or reminder.

Free version available.


The instant you click on Jotbox, it is ready for your note, idea or reminder.
Never Forget
All your notes get sent to your email inbox. Do you check anything more often than your email?
Any Input
You can jot your note down using the keyboard, scribble with your finger or by taking a photo.
Even if you don't have an internet connection, Jotbox will store your notes for you and send them when you get online.


Tell Jotbox to send to your evernote email address to get all of our notes in evernote. Evernote will even OCR your scribbles!
Coming soon!
Remember the Milk
Coming soon!


If you have a suggestion or need support, email or tweet @jotboxed

Not Receiving Emails?

Double check that you typed your email correctly in Jotbox, and then check your junk folder. Email us if you are still having issues.


We do not store your email or your notes on our servers.